The truth about why your business is failing and how you can fix it.

I am bit of a theater geek, I spent my teens and most of my 20’s as a stage actor. So it should be no surprise that I LOVE musicals, and right now I am obsessed with Hamilton the musical. There is a line in the show were George Washington says “dying is easy young man living is harder” and the same thing can be said about your business. Lets be truthful, it’s easy to let your business fail. You may not want to but it’s easy to because it requires you to do nothing. That’s simple right, do nothing. Never ask for a sale, don’t return a call, don’t give someone your business card, just do nothing. Yet, if you want your business to be successful you have to do the hard stuff.  One of the easiest hard things you can do is ask. Ask for the sale, ask if they need your services, ask who do they know that needs your services, just ask.

Check out the video below by #garyvaynerchuk @garyvaynerchuk